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Version206 Mail

is an e-mail and SMS marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM).
Designed specifically for MS CRM, it is an intuitive and simple solution for engaging with your customers.

How do we differ from other solution providers?

Version206 provides a cost effective solution that focusses heavily on our individual clients' needs. This starts by providing you with a unique e-mail server to facilitate white-listing at major e-mail service providers, setting up a dedicated e-mail and marketing domain, creating Web forms and HTML templates specific to your needs and finally reviewing e-mail responses and finding ways to maximise email delivery at major recipients and ESP's.

Each client is different. Each client has different needs and requires individual attention. V206 Mail provides a solution and service that makes us the ideal partner to impress your customers.


We can tell you about how great our product is, or you can find out for yourself!

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