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We have implemented numerous customized event management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM which combines our client’s individual needs with event management best practises. Using a combination of bulk emails, sms’s, vforms (RSVP pages) combined with MS CRM’s out-the-box functionality (marketing lists & workflows), we have created solutions that were put together in a fraction of the time one would typically expect to create professional, event-customized solutions.

Any any point, the event manager can see the number of registrations, unique requests for additional information, as well as specific users that have registered. This also makes it easy to send subsequent invitations depending on whether a person has already registers or not.

A typical implementation would consist of the following:

Pre Event:
1. Managing marketing lists, i.e. selecting contacts, accounts or leads to invite.

2. Creation of landing pages (capture RSPV’s), often customized per specific event (e.g. Golf shirts size, food preferences, requirement for transport). This might include a custom HTML template or just a custom header image.

3. Creation of initial email content including the initial invitation, RSVP confirmation email and subsequent invitations.

4. Creation of Aide Memoires, email event reminders and SMS reminders.

Post Event:
5. Thank you for attending emails/SMS.

6. Surveys regarding event.

With Version206 tools, together with MS CRM, all these steps can easily be performed in a professional manner to ensure your events are run smoothly and effectively and your customer’s are impressed. Below a sample data flow diagram of a planned event in MS CRM.

Data Flow

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