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Data Capture
Almost all of our projects require end-users or clients to provide data via commonly used mechanisms such as a web interface. Some of these inputs require web pages to be pre-populated with data, others require users to provide documents along with their submissions and some more advanced pages require password-protected access where the password is communciated to the client seperately via SMS or email.

Version206 VForms allows for a wide collection of data input across multiple pages collected and based upon the existing metadata in MS CRM. In other words it extends the existing record types in MS CRM to be populated from an external web page.

Below is a simple example of how we would extend the contact in MS CRM record to allow it being updated by the contact itself.
The contact would be sent an email with an encrypted IDNo requesting them to update their details. The IDNo field on the contact record would be used to verify the contact's identity. Contacts would also need to specify either New York or London as a city field.

Data entry fields can resemble very complicated web pages and we can assist you to create these pages quickly and easily.

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