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is a dynamic and innovative company that offers IT based business solutions. Our core focus in on providing robust, and secure IT solutions for medium to large businesses internationally. As we are located along GMT we are ideally suited for all types of projects around the world.

We specialise in email, SMS, web analytics and web-service technologies. With over a decade's experience in provision of IT services, specifically Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have the in-depth
knowledge to understand our customers' requirement and deliver solutions that work.


Version206 Mail is an email marketing solution exclusive to Microsoft CRM. It uses existing Microsoft CRM features such as campaigns, marketing lists, contacts, leads and accounts to create a solution which integrates effortlessly with Microsoft CRM.

Web Forms

Our web forms solution, called 'VForms'  is a very popular web integration solution created to provide the following features:


Analytics compliments our bulk communication solution and allows companies to provide advanced tracking of user interaction with a web site.

Using web analytics and smart IP technologies, a web site administrator can see which web pages were visited duration of each web page visit. This can be filtered oncountry, region, city or organisation of visitor, browser used, mobile client or pc.


A cornerstone to any implementation is a strong understanding of your business.The path to a success implementation however also requires expert knowledge.

We believe that an understanding of our clients plus in-depth knowledge in our field, as well as a dedication to exceed your expectation through hard work and service excellence, makes us the right company to partner.

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